Big XL pink ball pit 110x40cm with 360 balls
Big XL pink ball pit 110x40cm with 360 balls
Big XL pink ball pit 110x40cm with 360 balls

Big XL pink ball pit 110x40cm with 360 balls

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o Baby ball pit comes with 360 certificated plastic balls. Balls are made in Europe from non toxic BPA free plastic.
o We recommend to choose up to 3 balls colors but you can choose as many as you like. Just leave us comment with balls balls colors that you would like to receive. 
o Foam ball pit is safe to use! Our ball pits are made from certificated fabrics and balls. Basins fabrics made from ECOTEX cotton that is washable. 
o All our ball pits are handmade personally by me what ensures that each piece is made very responsibly and has a piece of love inside. :) 
o Ball pit takes time to be made in about 5 days. Please note that we are not factory, we are just small familly business so every ball pit will be made to order special for you and your little. 
o The ball pit is a great place for baby, child or even toddler to stay in it. It is very important that kids can spread their imagination by playing in dry pool. Your toddler can read a book or just stay and dream for a while. For little ones it's very useful to educate their mobility skills, sensorical and motorical develop.
o Dry pool is really unusual gift for little ones and bigger ones as well! 
o It is very comfortable for kids to sit in a ball pit and read a book. Even parents can fit to the dry pool. It makes so much fun to their little ones!
o Also we do custom sewing on the side of the ball pit so you can have personalized gift for your baby. 



• Height- 40 cm (15,75 in)
• Diameter inside- 100cm (27,56 in)
• Outside diameter- 110cm (31,50 in)
• Wall thickness- 5cm (1,97 in)
• Thickness of the bottom- 5cm (1,97 in)
• Ball diameter- 7 cm (2,75 in• Height- 40 cm (15,75 in)