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Milky Bubble Kids 
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I‘m Ilona, just a women, mom and wife with a simple dreams... :) I‘m running my project Milky Bubble kids.  It's our family business of handmade products.  And all our family members are involved in this project too. All we do, we do with love and and you can feel it in every our item when you touch it. :) Small business was born in 2013 almost together with our first daughter Maja. I just wanted to create something special and unusual for her. Everything started when our older daughter was interested in playing with dolls. I decided not to buy her a plastic doll and so came to the solution, sewed her a doll by my own. My husband said that doll was amazing and I should try to make more of them. Inspired by my girls and husband, I started experimenting and producing more original and interesting toys. That way was born my first handmade doll, then tepees and other handmade toys... At the moment we have two beautiful daughters Maja & Tėja and our youngest family member little son Theodor. They are all my life and all my inspiration! Me and my husband love a lot our littles , everything we do we do because of these cosmic kids. :) They are testing all the handmade toys that I made and the future of the product depends on their opinion. :)

Now we produce ball pits that make every baby room full of joy and happiness! Ok, ok and a little bit of colorful happy mess around as well. :) I don't count my produced ball pits because I've made them sooo much! But I remember all of them because each was made with love and patience for someone special :) One of the new products are trophy bunny heads, that I do for decoration of kids room and nursery. Also with our newborn son Theodor, I started to produce the baby loungers - baby nests for newborns, baby blankets, baby envelopes and ring slings.

So probably it improves that all that we do is only by real demand of what we need for our littles and then we realize that kids all around the world need's this products too! :) Our hand made production is in Vilnius, the capital of the tiny little country of Lithuania. We are very small and probably a lot of people around the world do not know about us. :)

But you can have a look at this video that introduce our Lithuania:
And here is also some information about our Capital city Vilnius :)

If you are interested we are open to all your purposes and suggestions. We do wholesale and we can start partneship all around the world. If you'll have any questions , please feel free to contact me!

Sunny wishes, Ilona and the little Elfs.