About us

Welcome to our shop! 

I‘m Ilona - a simple woman with simple dreams... I‘m running the project Milky Bubble Kids, and all of our family members are involved into this project too. :)

My small business was born in 2013, almost together with my first daughter Maja. 
I just wanted to create something special and unusual for her. Everything started when our older daughter was interested in playing with dolls. I decided to not buy her a plastic doll and soon I came up with a solution - I sew her a doll by my own. My husband said that doll was amazing and I should try to make more of them. 
Inspired by my girls and husband, I started experimenting and producing more original and interesting toys.

That way my first handmade doll was born, afterwards tepees, bears and other handmade toys... 
At the moment I have two beautiful daughters Maja and Tėja, they are all my life and all my inspiration! Me and my husband love our little daughters 

a lot, anything we do - we do because of these cosmic girls. :)
They are testing all the handmade toys that I made and the future of the product depends on their opinion. :)

Now we produce ball pits that make every baby room full of joy and happiness! Ok, ok, and a little bit of colourful happy mess around as well. :) 

One of the new products are trophy bunny heads, that I do for decoration of kids room and nursery. Also, soft and safe loungers for newborns and blankets to keep them warm :)

At the moment I don't count my ball pits anymore, because I've made sooo many of them! 
But I remember all of them because each one was made with love and patience, made for someone special :)